Dodge Durango fuel features

The Sport Utility vehicle is not noted for its fuel efficiency. Such automobiles are often seen as the realm of the soccer mom or the outdoor adventurer. While they may not be seen as an everyday vehicle by people who do not own, they are certainly used this way. Rather than argue about the perception, a Dodge Durango wants to know how fuel efficient the car can be.

While gas is no longer $4.00 a gallon, it is not the price it was before Katrina. Prices of $2 per gallon or higher around the country. They may not stay this way, but Dodge Durango owners need not worry that they are about to empty their wallet every time they fill their tank. The vehicle achieves more than the federal guidelines for the miles per gallon an SUV must get. The user cannot expect the gas mileage of a hybrid, but the owner can expect gas mileage that is comparable to a V6 sedan.



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