The Chrysler Pacifica Has Features That Simplify Family Routines

The Chrysler Pacifica is equipped with features that make the process of traveling with many passengers easier. If you need an automobile that has practical and convenient features, the Pacifica is a great choice.

There are two features that benefit passengers before they step into the cabin. The first feature is the Hands-Free Power Sliding Doors. These doors interact with technology in the key fob. When the chip sends radio waves to a sensor, the doors open automatically. The second feature is found underneath the trunk; it's called the Hand-Free Power Liftgate. This system also has sensor-powered hardware along with a lifting mechanism. The motorized mechanism lifts the trunk door whenever someone's foot hovers directly under a sensor while the key fob is used.

If you want to check out these exterior features and other technologies in the cabin, consider taking a test drive. At DARCARS Chrysler Jeep of Waldorf, test drives in Chrysler vehicles are easy to set up. We proudly serve locals in Waldorf and surrounding areas.



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