Tough Engineering in the Ram ProMaster City

If you're searching for a durable work vehicle that can help you out during any job, take a look at the Ram ProMaster City. This popular cargo van and passenger wagon is engineered to keep you safe and protected. We here at DARCARS Chrysler Jeep of Waldorf are eager to show drivers what this van has to offer.

The van's toughness starts at the frame. It's made of high-strength steel. The body is reinforced to keep you and your equipment protected in the worst-case scenario. The frame of the van features strong cross-member supports. They work to improve the vehicle's structural integrity and rigidity.

To complement the reinforced body, Ram has added strategic crush zones to every ProMaster City. Various parts of the body are designed to crumple during an impact. This helps to absorb crash energy before it affects the cabin. The crush zones can be found on the front and rear ends.



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